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Marbury Compares Himself to Jordan

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Stephon Marbury cannot stay out of the spotlight. Once again he his making news off the court as he rants about the state of the Knicks, Lebron James’ future, and how he compares his time away from basketball this year to that of Michael Jordan, retiring for a year to build his empire and expand his endorsement deals. The delusional former All Star has made more news off the court rather than on it over the past few months while clowning himself in his live show on where he has gotten into a car accident, cries while listening to Kirk Franklin’s “Lean on Me”, danced like a gay pirate to Michael Jackson, and even ate Vaseline for a sore throat.

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This time around, Marbury did an interview for the New York Post in which he attempted to rationalize why he isn’t playing in the NBA this season. Steph claimed that it was he, who decided to take a year off to rest and “be like Michael Jordan and do all of the things he hasn’t been able to do, and build his empire.” He also claimed to have made a prudent business decision, “not to go to Boston for that money,” insinuating that he was worth much more than the 1.3 million that the Celtics had offered him. Talk about a WTF moment. He averaged a mear 4 points and 3 assists while playing only 18 minutes for Boston last season. Granted, he has career averages of 19.3 points and 7.6 assists, but he is now 32 years old and hasn’t come close to sniffing that type of production since his rookie ’04-’05 season in New York…….Hopefully he fired his financial advisor. Last that anyone heard, Boston was the only team offering anything. His empire consists of his “Starbury” line of cheaply priced shoes and clothing, which he recently had to take to selling exclusively online since the Steve and Barry’s Stores, where they were sold, have closed due to bankruptcy. What a better way to advertise the Starbury brand than to be on the court, sporting his shoes, with that large Starbury brand log tatoo on his head…………………That would be a great business decision!

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Steph then delved into commenting on the current state of his former team, the NY Knicks. Marbury asked out loud,”As a fan, why would I give you my money to watch them?” He also commented after watching a few recent preseason games where the Knicks launched an alarming 72 three point shots and stated that, “The coaching is horrible. What kind of coaching is this? Guys coming down the court, just raising 3 pointers from anywhere! New Yorkers deserve better decisions from the front office!I guess the native New Yorker wont be getting a call for his services from GM Donnie Walsh anytime soon.


He also chimed in on the possibility of Lebron James coming to the Big Apple once his contract is up next Summer. He commented,”Why would he come to a rebuilding team? It makes no sense. Is this franchise built to win championships or make money?” I actually may have to agree with Steph on this one.

When pondering his future, one has to wonder, what is he thinking? He was forced to sit out this season because virtually no other NBA franchise wanted him. It has been a tough market for players with baggage this offseason. I definitely would rate Marbury a few notches below Allen Iverson, and it took all Summer for the A.I. show to land a gig in Memphis. If he is seriously considering a return to the league, he should have accepted the Boston deal, proving himself, and earning another lucrative free agent deal next Summer. He isn’t ancient in NBA standards, but he would then be 33 years old and will have played only 47 games over the past 3 seasons, if he attempts a comeback in 2010. Then a team would have to weigh his on court production against his ability to be a cancer in the locker room, one which I feel would be a losing proposition to any club. Marbury’s final comments from the interview speak volumes about his state of mind,”A year from now, you don’t know what I’m going to be like. I’m from the gutter. I can go anywhere.”………………………..Don’t count on it Steph!

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Check out some youtube footage of Marbury in his prime:

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Isiah Thomas: The Bad Boy of Recruiting

Isaih Thomas

When two time NBA Champion Isiah Thomas, became the head coach at Florida International University back in April of ’09, most of us scratched our heads at the NBA Hall of Famer’s most recent move to make headlines. After being dismissed from the NY Knicks organization in ’08, amid sexual harassment, racism, and horrible basketball decisions, few gave Thomas a chance to succeed at the FIU. Amazingly, in an attempt to both help the university in these tough economic times and make headlines, he even agreed to forego his salary for the first year.

In only four months, Thomas is starting to make his mark on the college basketball landscape by landing 3, top 100 recruits to play at FIU in the upcoming seasons. Most notable is Dominique Ferguson, the #8 ranked player in the country for 2010, as rated by ESPN. Ferguson is a 6’8 power forward from Lawrence, Indiana. He averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds last season while playing many positions. He will attend Hargrove Military Academy for one season before joining FIU in’10. Ferguson chose FIU after decommiting from Kentucky after coaching changes and over other highly touted schools like Arizona, Florida, Duke, UCONN, and Alabama. Joining Ferguson in 2010 is guard Phil Taylor, the #37 ranked player, who turned down USC and NC State. The #5 center in 2011 Chris Coleman, has also given verbal commitment to play for Thomas in two seasons.

Two top 25 players in the 2009 class, Lance Stephenson, the NY HS legend and Eric Bledsoe, one of the top point guards in the nation, flirted with playing at FIU after meeting with Thomas, before signing with Cincinnati and Kentucky respectively.

FIU may have a chance to make it to the NCAA Tourney in the coming years since they play in the Sun Belt Conference. Only hardcore NCAA fans may know of Western Kentucky, South Alabama, and Arkansas-Little Rock, who are annual conference contenders in the Sun Belt. Since most highly recruited HS players envision being one and done players en route to the NBA, it appears that Thomas and FIU definitely have an advantage over these other schools in recruiting because of his track record for success in the NBA.

Has Isiah found lightning in a bottle at FIU, or is he using the school as a stepping stone to coach at bigger school, or to get back to the NBA? I hope he realizes he is guiding and mentoring young, impressional kids of the NCAA and not babysitting pampered millionaires of the NBA. With his issues in the past, I’m not sure I would want my son under his guidance. As a player, Thomas was dynamite……one of the all time greats. As a coach and general Manager………not so much. Which Isiah will emerge in South Florida?



Employment Opportunity – NY Metro Area

Times are Tough at Madison Square Garden:

Is Mark Jackson available……Charlie Ward……Allan Houston…..?

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