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San Antonio Spurs: Is the Dynasty’s Window to Win Closing?


In my opinion, the San Antonio Spurs are a dynasty. By winning four titles within the last eleven years, the Spurs should be considered among the elite franchises of all-time. Their four championships rank them 4th behind the Celtics, Lakers, and Bulls. The one constant on all 4 championship teams is future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan. The Spurs were good during the mid 90’s with stars like former MVP David Robinson and Sean Elliot. In the ’96-’97 season, Robinson was injured and played in only 6 games while the team finished with one of the worst records in the league at 20-62. The Spurs were stuck in NBA no man’s land of being good but not great.

The Spurs should be the model for the old adage,”You must get real bad before you can get real good.” Because of their bad record, they secured the #1 pick in the ’97 draft, in which they selected Tim Duncan out of Wake Forest University. The rest became history, since the Spurs paired Duncan with Robinson, forming a modern version of the “Twin Towers”, and won the franchises’ first title in only Duncan’s 2nd season in 1999.

Fast forward ten seasons to ’09-’10, and the Spurs could be considered the model franchise in the NBA because of the management’s willingness to surround their superstar(Duncan) with high talent role players through either free agency or the draft. San Antonio is once again one of the favorites to win another title because they went out and spent to acquire Richard Jefferson to add to an already tremendous nucleus.

But, one look at the ages of their “Big Three” reveals that San Antonio’s “window of opportunity” to win is closing. Duncan will turn 34 by season’s end. Ginobili, who has had injury problems is 32. Parker, although younger will be 28 at season’s end, has recently also had injury issues. The newly acquired Jefferson, at 29, has also had injuries and played 82 games in only 3 of his 8 seasons. It appears that management recognizes this has chosen to try and win now…………….again.

While Parker, Ginobili, and Jefferson are good players, they would be hard pressed to carry a franchise to another title without their 2 time league MVP, Duncan. While Duncan has been relatively healthy, one has to wonder when the pounding of playing 900 games over 12 NBA seasons will take it’s toll on the 11 time All-Star’s ageing knees.

A knowledgeable Spurs fan knows to savor every minute that Duncan is on the court since replacing TD with another player of his character, stature, and abilities is maybe once in 20 years occurance.

David robinson with trophy


College Freshmen to NBA Rookies-Who Will Make the Best Pros?



Tyreke Evans
The former high school basketball recruiting class of 2008 has become one of the best groups of talented players in recent history. Many of these highly touted recruits have more than lived up to the hype and gone on to become superstars in the NCAA ranks. While a few stayed to enjoy the college atmosphere for another season, most have used their freshman seasons as a springboard to NBA stardom. If you are like me, when you watched the NBA draft almost a month ago, you noticed that many NBA teams go young by drafting players with only one or two seasons of college experience. As results from the Las Vegas Summer League filter in show, this move is apparently a good one. Although we won’t truly know for a number of years, here is a look at some of the higher draft picks Summer league progress from the Class of 2008:


Tyreke Evans – The highly touted guard from Chester, Pa was on the cover of several basketball magazines from age 14. He was guided by his support squad of mainly family friends touted “Team Tyreke”, to steer clear of the gang violence and criminal activity of his notorious hometown. He followed another former native of Chester and current member of the Magic, Jameer Nelson, to the college ranks at the University of Memphis. Tyreke was spectacular averaging 17.1ppg, 5.4 rebounds, and 4 assists which earned him the #4 pick of the Sacramento Kings. Las Vegas Summer League results have been impressive with Evans averaging 24 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists.


Brandon Jennings – When the #1 prospect from the 08′ class made a daring move to forego a college basketball career and play in Europe for one season, many where quick to criticize. After averaging less than 10 points in limited action in Italy, the Bucks made him the #10 pick in this year’s draft. He hasn’t disappointed averaging 15 points, 8 assists, and shooting 50% from the 3pt line.


Demar Derozan – The 6’7 swingman from Compton HS in California has loads of NBA potential. The #3 prospect from the 08′ class was thrust into Youtube fame with his dazzling above the rim skills as a freshman in HS by averaging more than 26 ppg. After mixed results in college at USC during his lone regular season, Demar showed flashes of his potential leading his team deep into the NCAA Tournament earning him the #9 pick of the Raptors. He could be the eventual replacement if Chris Bosh leaves via free agency in 2010. Results this Summer have been good averaging 15 points and 5 rebounds.


B J Mullens – Many NBA executives passed on drafting the skilled 7 footer and #9 prospect in the 08′ class from Canal Winchester, Ohio in the first round. After a tremendous HS career that included many dominating performances scoring more than 50 points being posted all over the Internet, he was destined to be the next great center at Ohio State. Although deemed a bit of a disappointment and amid recruiting violations, he was drafted #24 by Dallas and immediately traded to OKC Thunder to be part of an ever improving nucleus of young players. Summer results show he will need more time to develop averaging only 7 points and 3 rebounds.







Why Draft European Over NCAA ?

Allen Moll is an avid NBA and College Basketball fan who watches and studies games religiously and coaches youth basketball in his native Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania.  Allen also writes for


I have a puzzling question. Every year, why are more International players getting the call from NBA teams over some of our proven collegiate players? This year 20% or 12 players out of the 60 players drafted, if you include Brandon Jennings and Patrick Beverley, were of the International flavor. Many of which have questional ability or potential. Six of these players were selected in the first round, essentially getting guaranteed money while many NCAA tested players such as Dionte Christmas of Temple and Jerel McNeal of Marquette went undrafted.
I’ll concead Ricky Rubio and Brandon Jennings as possible future stars, and even Victor Claver and Omri Casspi as servicable NBA role players, but Rodrigue Beaubois and Nando de Calo? Most casual hardwood fans would believe these were a hip hop artist’s newest clothing line rather than an NBA team’s hope for the future. While they may have a colorful and interesting name, their game is much more, dare I say … lame! Beaubois and de Calo have career scoring averages against average competition of 7.5ppg and 12.3ppg respectfully in the FRENCH PRO LEAGUE!

Here is two comparisons. Why draft Omri Casspi at #23, who averaged 8 points and 3 rebounds in Europe over DeJuan Blair of Pitt who averaged 15 points and 12 rebounds? With all the shaky kneee rumors aside, Blair did this against better competition in the Big East Conference, is a year younger, and can play now. Why draft Christian Eyenga at #30, at 8 ppg in Europe over Dionte Christmas of Temple who led his conference in scoring, averaging around 20 ppg, three straight years in the A-10, and is widely regarded by scouts as one of the best perimeter shooters the past 4 seasons in the NCAA?

It seems that NBA teams point out collegiate players weaknesses in spite of their obvious talents while grasping at some International players’ future potential and overlooking their obvious weaker competition and weaknesses. Also, many of these International players will be stashed in Europe for a few years to “develop their skills” or for the terms of the buyout of their existing European contracts are worked out while our college players are ready now and must again prove themselves in the upcoming NBA Summer Leagues for a shot at making a NBA team.

NBA teams, this is an obvious question. It appears that only a handful of teams are trying to improve and challenge for an NBA title with players who can help now, while two thirds of the league seem to waste their picks on a future that may never come.



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Allen Moll is an avid NBA and College Basketball fan who watches and studies games religiously and coaches youth basketball in his native Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. Allen also writes for,, and

Favorite teams include everything Philly, like Sixers, Eagles, Phillies, Villanova , St. Joe's , Hoops, LaSalle, and Lehigh University Hoops.

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