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NBA Top 10 Shocking Appearance Team

Everyone likes to express themselves in their own way, and NBA players are no different. From hairstyles to tatoos, to beards and mustaches, each player has their individual style. Some players take their individuality to the extreme for all of us to see. Here is my list of All-Time NBA players who were not afraid to express themselves and gave us a lasting image while on the court:

Sam Dalembert mohawk

Honorable Mention:

Bill RussellStyle can also be expressed in jewelry, and no one has more championship rings than Mr. Russell.

Bill Russell rings 2 

10) Manute BolWho could forget his 7’7, “Daddy Long Legs” physique where 95% of his body was arms and legs. As a fan favorite in Philly, he once hit 6 of 12 on three point shots in a game against former teammate Charles Barkley, when with the Suns.

Manute Bol 2 

9) Stephon MarburyBy now we all are fascinated by Steph’s online antics eating glue and crying. He’s like a bad accident, we just can’t look away. We should have realized that he was heading down the oddball path last Summer when he was apparently influenced by Mike Tyson to get his Starbury logo tatted onto his head.

MarburyTattoo 1 

8) Adam MorrisonAlthough he was a tremendous player at Gonzaga, he is more known for his cheesy, shady looking mustache while riding the pine, in the NBA.


7) Anthony MasonAs a revered defensive presence in the NBA for 13 years, Mason may have been the first player to shave words and sayings into his head, like “I’m Ready” during the ’99 NBA lockout.

Anthony Mason 2

6) Kenny “Sky” WalkerAlthough other players like Dell Curry, Sam Perkins, and most recently Brandon Jennings, rocked the high top fade, Walker’s was probably the highest. That along with his spandex shorts extending a few inches below his regulation NBA attire, and winning the ’89 Slam Dunk title, made him a crowd favorite.

Kenny Sky Walker

5) Chris “Birdman” AndersenEverything about the Birdman is in your face, from his many different stylish hairdoo’s, emphatic dunks, numerous tatoos, to his hands flapping with his arms folded celebrations after a big dunk.


4)Kurt RambisThe Wolves new head coach used to wear some stylish specs during his playing days, making millions of fans think it was cool to wear glasses……………..not!

Kurt Rambis 2

3) “Dr J” Julius ErvingEarly fans of the “Dr” remember he, along with Artis Gilmore sported huge afros, all the way back to their ABA days.

Dr J 2

2) Allen IversonThe “Answer” has his own style even today. Using his diminutive stature to score at will, to the many tatoos, the cornrows, and even his on and offcourt swagger, AI definately expresses himself.


1) Dennis Rodman“The Worm” got under everyone’s skin, even his own teammates. While he was undoubtedly one of the best rebounders in history, Rodman without a doubt put on a show, from the outragious hair colors, to mocking opponents, kicking photographers, refusing to wear shoes, and even getting married to………………….himself.


Dennis Rodman 9


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